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Rawi Rum – Rum

18.00 USD
Rawi White Rum offers a pleasant sweetness, with subtle hints of vanilla and molasses. The aroma is well-balanced and inviting,

Rawi Rum – Rum

20.00 USD
Rawi Gold Rum is rich and complex with a subtle smokiness and a hint of oak, giving a full-bodied aroma.

Rawi Rum – Rum

22.00 USD
The warmth of Rawi spiced rum is accentuated as it gets infused with a distinctive blend of local spices. .Item

Rawi Rum – Rawi Rum Raisin Chocolate

5.00 USD
Rawi Rum Raisin Chocolate is an excellent mix of dark chocolate, golden raisin and our special and unique Gold Rum.

Bits And Pieces – Almond Explosion

10.00 USD
Crunchy Almond butter, chia, hemp, raw sesame, sunflower, pumpkin seeds & cinnamon. Elevate your protein intake with our power mix

Bits And Pieces – Nutcracker

11.00 USD
Crunchy Cashew Butter, Peanut butter, Hazelnut Butter, 100% Organic Cocoa Powder, stevia. Our all natural spreadable jars feature a trio

Bits And Pieces – Blue Collagen

15.60 USD
Blue spirulina powder, shredded coconut, coconut oil, collagen peptideslong: Experience our glow-enhancing, benefit-packed spreadable jar—free from hydrogenated oil and sugar.

Jolia – Saifi

111.00 USD
Introducing our Saifi bag, which is one of Jolia’s durable bags yet having the beauty of being completely handmade. A

Splashy Superfoods – Vegan Protein Powder Mix 250g

12.00 USD
The power-packed Vegan Protein Powder Mix is made of organic pea protein, coconut sugar, and cacao. Just mix 60g with

Selaya – Scuplte Sourcils

19.00 USD
A unique brow gel-wax hybrid formula that sculpts, shapes and sets brow hairs in place in one quick and easy

Selaya – Le Mist Face Mist

9.00 USD
A genuine glow booster, Le Mist Face Mist gives hydration and moisture to the skin immediately upon using. .Item Reference:#57882466

Selaya – Les Bamboo Spoolies

6.00 USD
Le Spoolie perfectly grooms eyebrows, applies mascara and styles hair edges. .Item Reference:#57882482

Selaya – Le Savon Sourcils

16.00 USD
Inspired by makeup artist essentials, LE SAVON SOURCILS immediately sets and holds eyebrows in place for a lasting, natural look.

Ifran Beauty – Velvet Hair Serum

18.00 USD
Eliminate your split ends with our luxurious velvet hair serum that really gives you the finishing of a velvet touch.

Oils Of Nature – Detox Facial Mask 125g

11.00 USD
A Powder Blend Of Detoxifying And Hydrating Ingredients Is Just What You Will Find In Our Facial Mask. Detox Facial

Willow Aubrey – Thea Top

19.50 USD
Long sleeves crop top, with a curved cut from the shoulder, creating a cut-out on the waist level. .Item Reference:#THEA-TOP-R

Been There Done That (BTDT) – Coloring Book – Roots

3.30 USD
These 12 original illustrations celebrate Lebanon’s rich history and culture. Each illustration captures an important aspect of Lebanese tradition and

Been There Done That (BTDT) – Note Pad – Pleanty of Fish

2.20 USD
Transport yourself to an underwater wonderland filled with intricate florals, mesmerizing sea creatures, and limitless imagination. Embrace the artistic enchantment

Been There Done That (BTDT) – Mini Notebook Cluster

1.40 USD
The lemon exudes a refreshing zest, while the intricate leaves add an organic touch, creating a visually stunning composition. This

Been There Done That (BTDT) – Checklist – Drops

2.80 USD
For the organization lovers who like to keep their checklists at hand. This notebook is ideal for all your task

Been There Done That (BTDT) – Notebook – Dekenet Beirut

3.30 USD
This notebook is in collaboration with the incredibly talented Stephanie Tager! Every brush stroke and intricate detail in this painting

Been There Done That (BTDT) – Notebook – Rasif

3.30 USD
Capture the spirit of Beirut with our Rasif notebook. Featuring scenes of old shop doors, colorful graffiti, and motorcycles, it

Been There Done That (BTDT) – Notebook – Bold

3.30 USD
This notebook comes with a heartfelt story from the illustrator herself, who bravely shares her struggles with body image. After

Been There Done That (BTDT) – Mini Notebook – Tiles

1.40 USD
Explore the rich and intricate world of traditional Arabesque tile patterns with this stunning illustration. Featuring a variety of designs