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Bastide – Decanter

138.00 USD
Decanter H26 cm Flat .Item Reference:#41651951

Bastide – Decanter

138.00 USD
Decanter H21cm Flat .Item Reference:#41651894

Bastide – Ice Cubes Set

35.00 USD
Keep your drinks perfectly chilled with our Ice Cubes Set – Box of 6 Granite Ice Cubes from Bastide Homeware.

Bastide – Ice Cubes Set

35.00 USD
Keep your beverages chilled without diluting their flavors with our Ice Cubes Set – Box of 6 Granite Ice Cubes

Bastide – Carafe

45.00 USD
Serve your favorite beverages in style with our Carafe on Foot 1.3L, 24.5cm from Bastide Homeware. This elegant carafe features

Bastide – Ice Bucket

62.00 USD
Add a touch of sophistication to your beverage service with our Ice Bucket, 24cm from Bastide Homeware. This spacious and

Bastide – Cocktail Glass Set

20.00 USD
Enhance your cocktail experience with our Set of 4 Cocktail Glasses 34.5cl from Bastide Homeware. This stylish set includes four

Bastide – Ice Bucket

40.00 USD
Keep your ice cubes perfectly chilled with our Ice Bucket, 18.5cm from Bastide Homeware. This compact and stylish ice bucket

Bastide – Tasting Glass

15.00 USD
Unleash the full potential of your whisky tasting experience with our Tasting Glass – Glencairn Whisky Tasting Glass from Bastide

Ichendorf – Alice Bottle

76.00 USD
Quench your thirst with the Alice Bottle. This bottle showcases a captivating purple color with red dots, while the mushroom

Ichendorf – Alice Bottle

66.00 USD
Quench your thirst in style with the Alice Bottle. This eye-catching bottle features a captivating green color with a charming

Ichendorf – Alice Jug

92.00 USD
Serve your favorite beverages in style with the Alice Jug. Featuring a vibrant green color and adorned with red dots,

Ichendorf – Shot set

60.00 USD
Shot set of 6pcs assorted, 10Cl each .Item Reference:#55845192

L’atelier Du Vin – Corkscrew Gift Box

968.00 USD
? 3 opening tools, each in their place on their large felt surface: .Item Reference:#57721060

L’atelier Du Vin – Lever Corkscrew Box

278.00 USD
L?Oeno Motion? Tr?sor is a unique gift. At first glance, it appears to be a mysterious wooden box, lacquered in

L’atelier Du Vin – Sommelier Corkscrew & Leather Pouch

363.00 USD
There is elegance in the Soft Machine Nomad. The elegance of leather and time. The elegance of the soul of

L’atelier Du Vin – Sommelier Set, Gift Set

847.00 USD
Iconic tools of L?Atelier du Vin for opening, serving and preserving still and sparkling wines in an attractive wooden gift

L’atelier Du Vin – Sommelier Set, Gift Set

169.00 USD
Set including a Soft Machine wine opener and a cork opener for sparkling and still ChampagneWINE OPENER/ The soft dandy

L’atelier Du Vin – Sommelier Set, Gift Set

387.00 USD
Le Globe. This set includes the ?must-haves? of wine tools gathered under an elegant glass dome placed on a solid

L’atelier Du Vin – Gift Set And Wine Accessory Set

454.00 USD
There is life in the Oeno Motion? Nomad. The life of leather which takes on a patina during your travels.

L’atelier Du Vin – Pack Of 2 Spirit Glasses

42.00 USD
Unlike glasses with very ? small ? openings, the Exploreur? Spirits glass has been specifically designed to have a well-sized

L’atelier Du Vin – Decanter For Wine And Its Aroma Developer

242.00 USD
Carafe design to be used with the Developer.Decanting a wine using the Developer? is bringing it gently and effectively to

L’atelier Du Vin – Electric Vacuum Pump Signature

182.00 USD
As a gift, the Gard?Vin ON/OFF? Power ? Signature is much more than a vacuum pump. It is an approachable,

L’atelier Du Vin – The “De Gaulle” Corkscrew

50.00 USD
Robust corkscrew with lever. Re edition of a historical model of L?Atelier du Vin. Alloy. .Item Reference:#57721219