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Farida – Vanilla Soap

5.00 USD
Our vanilla soap will take you on a soothing journey, with its anti-acne, anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties. It will leave

Farida – Vanilla Liquid Soap

15.00 USD
The Mediterranean region has always been renowned for its natural beauty. And now, with Farida, you can experience unmatched healthy

Plouf – Oversized On Both Sides Sweatshirt

69.00 USD
OVERSIZED ON BOTH SIDES is another one of our oversized style sweatshirts AND it’s REVERSIBLE. The length of the shoulders,

Plouf – Mayss Sweatshirt

69.00 USD
We’ve chosen a specific amount of features to make MAYSS  the ultimate minimalist raglan sweatshirt. You will notice the seamless detail on

Jolia – Batroun

89.00 USD
Find yourself feeling like a tourist in style anywhere you are when you wear the Batroun bag. Inspired by its

LeArts – Velvet Bow Hairpin

5.00 USD
Hairpins velvet bow .Item Reference:#502-V-OFWHT-R

LeArts – Velvet Hairpin

5.00 USD
Hairpins velvet bow with tail .Item Reference:#501-V-OFWHT-R

Willow Aubrey – Fia Top

19.50 USD
Dropped shoulder, relaxed top, long Sleeves with cuffs. .Item Reference:#FIA-TOP-R

Zene By Fabric – Long Sleeve Cut Out Plain Shirt

49.50 USD
Enhance your wardrobe with the Colored Long-Sleeve Cut Out Plain Shirt, a versatile piece that adds a modern flair to

Zene By Fabric – Star Shirt

54.00 USD
Make a statement in the off-white shirt with golden buttons, perfect for adding a touch of glamour to your outfit.

Zene By Fabric – Half Sleeves Knit

26.10 USD
Stay comfortable and stylish with the Light Knit Basics, perfect for everyday wear. .Item Reference:#KNIT-HALFSLV-R

Willow Aubrey – Anya Top

22.50 USD
Straight fit, rounded neckline, Long Sleeves, cut along the shoulder creating a slit. .Item Reference:#ANYA-TOP-R

Willow Aubrey – Zelda Skirt

22.50 USD
Straight skirt, floor level, and Elastic Waistband. .Item Reference:#ZELDA-SKIRT-R

Zene By Fabric – Lozenge Shirt

54.00 USD
Embrace sophistication in the Off-White Chemise adorned with golden lozenge buttons, perfect for adding a touch of luxury to your

LeArts – Velvet Bow

5.00 USD
Elastic bow velvet .Item Reference:#503-V-OFWT-R

Zed – White Twill Shirt Slim fit

45.00 USD
This crisp white button-up is tailored to a slim and regular fit and features a classic collar and single cuff.

Zed – Cropped Long Sleeved Shirt

25.90 USD
This button-up shirt is crafted from pure cotton, featuring patch pockets on the front and darts on the back. .Item

Willow Aubrey – Nora Top

27.50 USD
Fitted low-waist corset, and front fastening tab. .Item Reference:#NORA-TOP-R

Willow Aubrey – Zoey Sweatpants

31.00 USD
Loose fit sweatpants with two curved pockets, and Velcro closure with adjustable waistband. .Item Reference:#ZOEY-SWPNT-R

Zed – Peplum Double Breasted Blazer

47.40 USD
Available on its own or as a suit, this chic blazer is tailored slim with a slightly padded shoulder. .Item

Zed – High-Waist Shorts

26.60 USD
Available on its own or part of a suit, this high-waisted shorts features a double pleat and a turn-up hem.

Zed – Striped Twill Shirt

45.00 USD
A clean, classic pick for a refined weekday look, this white shirt features a thin light blue stripe for an

Zufa Boutique – Rose Water 250ml

5.00 USD
Rose Water: A Delicate Touch for Sweet and Savory Dishes! Rose water is a fragrant and versatile ingredient used in

Zene By Fabric – Satin Shirt

45.00 USD
This off-white satin shirt from Zene is the epitome of elegance and sophistication. Featuring a flattering fit and high-quality fabric,