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Khan El Saboun – Lavender Sea Salt – 350g

11.10 USD
It detoxifies the body from all diseases such fungus, bacteria and pain. Leaves the body in tranquilizing state. Has relaxing

Khan El Saboun – Ginger & Lemon Sea Salt – 350g

11.10 USD
The zesty ginger and lemon grass boost your energy.Warms your body and making you feel more active.It detoxifies your body

Mamaleina – Date Jam Stuffed Almonds

4.00 USD
Mama Leina’s homemade Date Jam Stuffed Almonds .Item Reference:#DATEJAMR

Mamaleina – Pizza & Pasta Sauce

3.00 USD
Mama Leina’s homemade Pizza & Pasta Sauce .Item Reference:#PIZAPASTASAUCER

The Good Thymes – Classic Zaatar

8.00 USD
A classic traditional blend of aromatic and earthy za’atar, tart sumac, and crunchy roasted sesame seeds. Handmade à la Lebanese

The Good Thymes – Spicy Zaatar

12.00 USD
Awake your senses to a tangy fusion of your favorite za’atar flavors fevering with piquant peppers and cooling mint. The

The Good Thymes – Zaatar with Nuts

12.00 USD
A perfectly balanced mix of Lebanese Za’atar and our all-time favorite nuts. Rich in heart-healthy omega-3, proteins and vitamins, the

The Good Thymes – Sea salt with Zaatar and herbs

4.00 USD
Marrying the best of the tangy and the salty, the Sea Salt Za’atar is a must-have jar for a Mediterranean

The Good Thymes – Zaatar with Superfoods

12.00 USD
Only when you are about to believe that healthy and savory cannot go together does this wholesome za’atar combination prove

The Good Thymes – Mix of herbs

8.00 USD
Eleven natural herbs make the ideal tea to your soul and body. Rich in antioxidants and digestive properties, the Herbal