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Mamas & Papas – Baby seat and play

155.00 USD
The first 2 in 1 baby chair: which combines comfort and awakening the senses! Very soft and fluffy, baby is

Mamas & Papas – with gift pack

26.00 USD
The Sophie la Girafe So Pure is designed to stimulate the senses and soothe teething pains, it stimulates each of

Mamas & Papas – Bath game with maracas rattle

69.00 USD
The Madness Pipes bath game set, featuring Sophie the Giraffe maracas rattle, offers a stimulating and educational experience for children

Mamas & Papas – Multi-Supports Activity

70.00 USD
A portable activity arch, attachable to all types of supports thanks to its universal clamps! (deckchair, cozy, strollers, car seat,

Mamas & Papas – Special Need Feeder – 150mL

70.00 USD
The SpecialNeeds Feeder is specially designed for babies with cleft lip and palate or neurological disorders, offering easy regulation of

Mamas & Papas – Nipple shape

33.00 USD
The Medela Nipple Shaper is a nursing shell that gently prepares a flat inverted nipple for breastfeeding. Inverted nipples are

Mamas & Papas – Discovery Sensory Book

35.00 USD
This interactive book stimulates baby’s senses with surprises like hidden characters, various textures, and engaging activities, including a teething ring,

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349.00 USD
Oh the places you’ll go! The ExerSaucer® World Explorer Triple Fun+ Bouncing Activity Saucer offers 2+ years of developmental play