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MATIS – CASHMERE-HAND Youthful hands, nourishing cream SPF10

17.00 USD
This light, fast-absorbing cream nourishes and soothes the skin.Creamy textureA protective hand care, it is packed full of triple-action youth-restoring

MATIS – HYALUPERF-SERUM Corrects, inspired by aesthetic acts

92.00 USD
This wrinkle-correcting serum combines the high effectiveness of renowned cosmetic medicine active ingredients: hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid and a relaxing

MATIS – A fortifying cream for deficient mature skin.

144.00 USD
Olea-Skin is a smooth and comfortable skin care combining two exclusive Matis complexes. The skin regains flexibility, comfort and a

MATIS – HYDRA-MOOD 24h hydra protective care

39.00 USD
This 24h hydra- protective cream keeps skin looking and feeling its best day after day.Creamy textureIts light, fluid texture melts

MATIS – AQUA-CREAM Melting water-based cream

44.00 USD
A melt-in-the-mouth cream with a fresh, ultra-sensory and distinctive sorbet texture.This daily care acts as a protective barrier for the

MATIS – This treatment specially formulated for the eye area, helps tone the skin around the eyes.

58.00 USD
The formula’s main ingredient which is matcha green tea relaxes the eye contour. It also includes a combination of specific

MATIS – RECOMFORT-EYES Relaxing mask, cozy feel

38.00 USD
This mask has a rich texture, providing comfort to the eye contours.Smooth cream textureThe mask can be applied in a

MATIS – SENSIFLORA-PEEL Granule-free scrub, sensitive skin

44.00 USD
This granule-free scrub gently exfoliates the most delicate skin, and is suitable for sensitive and reactive skinCreamy textureIts enveloping texture

MATIS – PURE-SERUM Perfecting balancing serum

53.00 USD
Formulated for combination and oily skin, this complexion-perfecting serum leaves the skin refreshed and purified.Light and melting textureMatiSystem technology works

MATIS – AUTHENTIK-SCRUB Youth dual action, exfoliating cream

25.00 USD
This essential scrub exfoliates and smooths all skin types, while maintaining their comfort.Creamy textureFor extra effectiveness, its targeted formula offers

MATIS – THE MILK Perfect make-up remover with CAVIAR

45.00 USD
THE MILK draws on the richness of the ocean, packed with minerals, vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids, to offer

MATIS – SLIM-MOTION Thermoactive care, slimming and firming

71.00 USD
This thermoactive emulsion springs into action when rubbed in during the massage.Emulsion textureA biotechnological extract from marine sponges increases adiponectin

MATIS – HYALURONIC-AGE Care for deep wrinkles and tension and expression lines

105.00 USD
A non-invasive alternative to cosmetic surgery, this product effectively fights all wrinkles and lines: tension (frown lines) and expression (crow’s

MATIS – RELAX-EYES Anti-fatigue treatment dark circles and bags

45.00 USD
This anti-fatigue treatment specially adapted for the fine and sensitive skin of the eye contour, allows reviving the radiant gaze

MATIS – INFUSION-EYES Leave on eyes, relaxing bath

28.00 USD
This relaxing bath is suitable for the delicate skin of the eye contour and provides instant freshness, relaxation and soothing.Aqueous

MATIS – HYALU-LISS PRIMER Perfecting primer “Blur effect”

34.00 USD
Apply Hyalu-Liss Primer after your moisturizer to perfect your complexion.Melting texture, ultra-lightIts unique texture instantly melts into the skin. Hyaluronic

MATIS – PURE-AGE Wrinkle correcting care, perfect clear skin

62.00 USD
This anti-wrinkle cream is designed for blemish-prone skin.Light and meltingly soft textureIts light, meltingly soft texture takes action both in

MATIS – GLOW-DETOX Radiance care, anti-fatigue, detoxifying

60.00 USD
This detox cream suitable for tired skin reduces cutaneous signs of fatigue while reviving the complexion’s natural radiance.Melting textureIts rich,

MATIS – AUTHENTIK-BEAUTY Fundamental beautifying cream

49.00 USD
This iconic MATIS care with an enveloping texture that melts into all skin types.Creamy textureThe active ingredients used in its

MATIS – AUTHENTIK-WATER Anti-pollution, micellar water

35.00 USD
This micellar water traps and eliminates all traces of make-up, impurities and pollutants in a single step.Aqueous textureThrough a powerful

MATIS – AUTHENTIK-FOAM Clarifying self-foaming cleanser

29.00 USD
This foaming cleanser transforms into a light, delicate and fine foam upon contact with water.Foam textureIts gentle plant-based formula combines

MATIS – SUN PROTECTION MILK Anti-ageing for body

40.00 USD
Ultra-high performance formula where the action of the UVA-UVB filters is reinforced by the Antileukine 6® protecting cellular DNA.Milky texturePRODUCT

MATIS – FRESH-SECURE Deodorant 48hr, natural origin

24.00 USD
This natural origin deodorant with a light and fluid texture provides freshness and highly effective antiperspirant protection all day long.Its

MATIS – CELL-SKIN Universal Cream, youth capital protection

86.00 USD
CELL-SKIN, day and night cream, helps to preserve and protect the skin’s stem cells.Creamy textureIts lightweight yet soothing texture allows